"true jazz, rooted in the tradition without quoting it uncosidered (...) an exciting musical journey that offers quite a few discoveries"



"in whatever way pianist Marc Brenken played around the original material, varied it or improvised over it, it was entrancing“

Buersche Zeitung


„fabulous piano magic: Essen-based Marc Brenken at the JOE festival in the RWE Pavillon (...) and Alex Morsey, in his own unique and inventive way, could easily stand up to US stars. What he proved twice: first, in teamwork with drummer Marcus Rieck (great!), he supported the fabulous piano magic of Marc Brenken, who held enchanting poetic dialogues with trumpet player Christian Kappe (...)“

Westdeutsche Allgemeine Zeitung


„expressive modern Jazz compositions, lyrical, yet often enthralling and with a hook“



"as unusual as his body language are the short stories that pianist and composer Marc Brenken tells (...) short stories that characterise him as a most enjoyable author"

Münstersche Zeitung


Buzzing, tingling and clangouring

During the weekend hundreds of people came to listen to the ninth festival of the Jazz Offensive Essen. The Marc Brenken Trio and Sónnica Yepes completely enthused the audience

(...) A special highlight of that night was the performance by the Marc Brenken Trio with Spanish singer Sónnica Yepes. Brenken features compositions staged like little sketches. Yepes takes up the atmosphere and modulates sounds with her voice, for example in „Zirkus“. A buzz penetrates the auditorium, as if a balloon would whiz around the audiences' ears. The singer acts like an image of Pippi Longstocking bouncing around in the arena turned into music. Latin american flair arises with pieces like „La Noche de Verano“, in which Yepes makes her voice sound lascivious and naughty. The audience were swept off their feet by that performance.

Neue Ruhr-Zeitung


"the numerous listeners, who have come to see the regional jazz scene, will not have regretted their visit – the level of performances bylocal musicians as well as by the invited top-class guests was excellent. (...) This Trio of pianist Marc Brenken featuring Spanish singer Sónnica Yepes arranged their performance with a great deal of humour. In „Wespennest“ (wasp's nest) one could literally hear those little beasts buzz. And when the singer starts panting and wheezing in „Catch That Train“, that's pure unadulterated jolly jazz drama. Besides these little, sketch-like numbers this project enchanted by ballads sung in Spanish and fiery jazz tunes, that accommodated spontaneous ideas of the extrovert Sónnica Yepes."